Restaurants Can Protect AND Stay Running During COVID-19

3 May 2020

So many restaurants, cafes, bakeshops, coffee shops, and food service businesses have had to “pivot and swivel” just to keep from closing their doors.

These actions are challenging and stressful and take trust, belief, and the ability to think on the run. Making important decisions while trying to move forward, balance all the issues/benefits, and ensuring that the safety of both workers/employees AND the public consumers are at the forefront.

There is one company that I’ve researched that is offering some incredible options for micro, small & medium-sized food & drink service providers and is enabling them to get their products, meals, food/drink online in the quickest, simplest fashion while giving both the consumer and the business the most amount of features/options possible as well as a secure, simple to use online ordering system.

Ecwid is an established e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of e-commerce solutions but by far the most interesting one is their “Free Plan Forever” entry-level product. Yes… you heard that right… it is FREE FOREVER!

It allows a restaurant, cafe, bakeshop, specialty food shop… pretty much ANY small shop that offers a limited menu/product selection, to set up an ONLINE Store with secure online ordering, from an online menu/product list and that store can sell on desktops OR mobile devices with NO transaction fees, NO monthly fees… it’s FREE.

If you are just getting started or need to find a quick solution to sell your small product list you need to check this out. It really is a great way to get your items online, securely and simply and get your food offerings, pre-made meals, takeout/takeaway purchases, pickup or curbside or even delivered items into the hands of your waiting customers.


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