About Coastal Takeout

In this crazy “CoVid-19 Crisis” time period, there has been a LONG list of businesses that have been hit hard, sometimes so hard that there is NO getting up from the blow. Many small businesses just don’t have the wherewithal or buffer zone of banked profits to get through a 2 month, let alone 3 month period of zero income.
Restaurants, cafes, bakeshops, coffee shops, pubs, food services, independent growers, farms, distilleries, breweries, butchers, chocolatiers, and many more can use any help they can get. That’s where CoastalTakeout.ca comes in… we’re here to help spread the word, help get noticed, help keep those kitchens, gardens, cutting boards and stovetops going. If we all do a little… it will help a LOT.

Help me help them by checking out some of the interesting takeaway offers that you’ll find on this site. Join in with the support for our Sunshine Coast small businesses and let’s all get through this… TOGETHER!

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