The Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast presents....

Monster Bash !!

A Halloween Spooky Time!

October 31, 2020

6 - 9 pm ONLINE !!

Three hours of VideoMax top 40 and Halloween dance hits and videos.

Trick or Treat the night away in the comfort of your home!
Party, Dance, Eat Candy!!

This is how it works... PLEASE READ

On the night of the Monster Bash...

A night of Halloween fun...

This is a family event, so everyone is invited to participate.

The Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast encourages you to “dine out” on Halloween Night. Help to support your local food service take-out industry.

* provides listings for any takeout service you wish to use along the Sunshine Coast.

Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Chatelech Food Program which is a brown-bag lunch program for students who need them at Chatelech Secondary School in Sechelt, BC.

Thanks to the student Chatelech Interact Club volunteer program who will be participating in the event.

We will be holding a Raffle throughout the evening. Winners will be announced on our Monster Bash 2020 Facebook Group

*Prizes must be claimed within 7-days of the event (November 7, 2020)



Learn to dance the Grooving Witches dance in time to dance it for our Halloween Monster Bash!

A Special Thank You To Our


Please support those who support us

Sunshine Coast Takeout & Takeaway

A Community Event by:

Club of the Sunshine Coast

The Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast celebrates its 20th Anniversary. We want to ensure that every family enjoys some Halloween fun this year.  Come together for a magical evening of music, fun, food, dancing and raffle prizes. All proceeds from events like this go towards funding local and international initiatives. Thank you for celebrating Halloween with us this year.

YOU WILL NEED the following to be able to view/hear/participate in this Zoom powered virtual dance party:

  • A computer/laptop/tablet/iPad
  • Audio speakers of the device you are using to access need to be turned on and the volume at a level you are comfortable with (you may want to consider patching through your audio from the device being used into a stereo or entertainment system to enhance the video/sound/volume quality).
  • Zoom Chat will be available throughout the dance to request songs. Zoom will be broadcasting the music and videos.
  • A smart phone with camera/video capabilities. 
  • Join the Monster Bash 2020 private Facebook group for interacting with friends and uploading your photos and videos.

                                                Shoot your photos and video in LANDSCAPE MODE


Thank you for taking part in this amazing, innovative event, we hope you enjoy your time.

Any Questions?

Monster Bash 2020 is being held in the magical virtual world of VideoMax Dance, brought to you by the Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast and Coastal Takeout.

After you buy your ticket you will be directed to the registration form. When you register you will be asked for your name, your email address and for the first names of each family member. This is for the purpose of entitling everyone attending our Monster Bash to have access to the VideoMax Dance party and to be eligible for the Raffle that will be going on throughout the evening in the private Facebook group. There are many prizes in the name of Halloween fun.

Click on the ‘Purchase Ticket’ button to pay for your ticket and fill out the form for the Monster Bash 2020. Then join us on our Monster Bash 2020 Facebook group. Your privacy is protected, the Facebook page is private and we are dedicated to ensure that you have a fun time.

If you have any questions, please email us via the Contact form. Thank you.

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